GitLab Blog Posts

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2023-04-14 SourceWarp: Make data-driven, agile DevSecOps decisions
2022-09-27 A Google Summer of Code project: creating a benchmarking framework for SAST
2022-05-26 Lingo: A Go micro language framework for building Domain Specific Languages
2022-02-16 Introducing a community-driven advisory database for third-party software dependencies
2021-12-21 How to tailor SAST and Secret Detection to your application context with custom rulesets
2021-09-28 SemVer versioning: how we handled it with linear interval arithmetic
2021-09-08 How to write and continuously test vulnerability detection rules for SAST


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2022-04-08 A KISS (keep it short and simple) MagpieBridge server implementation to build custom IDE integrations based on LSP

(IT) News articles

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2023-05-27 Snake programmieren mit Lua und Löve published in